While cooking shows are not everyone’s cup of tea, the FoodNetwork has managed to make cooking into a spectator sport in the last decade or so. The shows span everything from interesting and informative, like Good Eats starring Alton Brown, to morbid train wrecks, like Sandra Lee’s booze filled roller-coaster Semi-Homemade. But even Aunt Sandy can’t compete with this gem that must live in infamy as: The Worst Cooking Show Ever!!

This cooking “How To” video for college students is, quite seriously, the worst cooking show EVER. Every awful thing in this show combines to snowball into a giant avalanche of completely, absurdly terrible. The awful “recipe” demonstrated by Stephen Reed, the shows host, is chili cheese nachos. The ingredients for this “recipe”? Canned chili, a jar of cheese, and nacho chips.  So how does one create chili cheese nachos from only chili, cheese, and nachos, you ask? By following Mr. Reed’s instruction of course!

First, open the can of chili. Pour the chili into the flimsiest plastic bowl possible, this is important. It must be INCREDIBLY flimsy.

Next, open the jar of cheese sauce. Put both the cheese sauce and the flimsy bowl of chili in the microwave for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. When the timer goes off, carefully take the chili and cheese out of the microwave with a paper-towel (because we don’t have the budget to buy an oven mitt for heat protection.)

Then pour the chili form the flimsy bowl into a sturdier glass bowl. Why didn’t we use the glass bowl in the first place? Because that’s not how Stephen Reed Rolls, that’s why!

After you have poured the chili into the new sturdy bowl, pour the cheese sauce on top. Stir the chili and cheese 3 times so that it is not at all incorporated.

Last, open your bag of nacho chips and put them on a plate. Done! You now have a snack for 3-5 friends.

These mad-crazy culinary skills have been brought to you by Stephen Reed of Weber Cooks, aka, the worst cooking show ever!