Last Sunday, Old Milwaukee’s YouTube channel (OldMilwaukeeBeer) released a commercial starring Will Ferrell and set to Dubstep. Will Ferrell has appeared in several other Old Milwaukee ads but this bizarre commercial has aired only on TV3 in Sweden. The ad features comedian Will Ferrell shaking an open can of Old Milwaukee, spraying it everywhere, and dancing on a bridge to the sweet, sweet sounds of Dubstep. The ad ends on a classy shot overlooking the river with the crumpled Old Milwaukee can sitting in the foreground. Currently, the video only has 3,095 views but I expect the views to rise once word of this awesome weirdness gets out.

This commercial features such a strange combination of elements I couldn’t help imagine some other strange advertisements I’d like to see:

  • Liza Minnelli advertising Axe Body Spray to the dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra.
  • Elmo advertising Gillette Razors to the sounds of grass being cut.
  • Adam Sandler advertising curry in complete silence. He must mime.
  • Gilbert Gottfried advertising the new season of The Jersey Shore to canned laughter.
  • My ten year old cousin advertising Justin Bieber’s perfume to the sounds of tweens fainting.

By Gena Gephart