By Pavithra Mohan

This new pro-Obama animated short makes a compelling argument for the possibility of Obama’s second term as president, articulated by way of his economic outlook. The video specifically focuses on explaining why “trickle-down economics”, espoused initially by Ronald Reagan and then both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., should hold no weight in the political arena given its past failure.

In the midst of many a left-leaning video, this one rings more true due to the high quality of its animation and construction. Created by Lucas Gray, an animator for “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy”, the piece is clearly the work of a professional. Gray coupled his notable skill as writer, director and animator, with snippets from Obama’s speech at the Associated Press Luncheon in April 2012.

In the aftermath of many years of adopting trickle-down methods, Obama gives the following spiel:

“So we tried this theory out, and you would think that after the results of this experiment, that the proponents of this theory might show some humility. You’d think they’d say, ‘You know what? Maybe some rules and regulations are necessary to protect the economy! Maybe just maybe, at a time of growing debt and widening inequality, we should hold off on giving the wealthiest Americans another round of big tax cuts.’ But that’s exactly the opposite of what they’ve done.”

Gray’s video is promoted by its own website: