If you have been with internet or news sources for the last few weeks, you may have missed the news that Disney has welcomed a new Princess to the fold: Disney Princess Leia. George Lucas, the chairman and sole owner of Lucasfilm Ltd., has sold his production company to the Walt Disney Company. The 4.05 billion dollar sale on October 26th included the rights to Lucas’s most famous work, the Star Wars franchise.

While some fanboys are up in arms about the sale and the possibility that their favorite sci-fi movies will now be “Disney-fied”, others are excited to welcome Disney Princess Leia and Disney Princess Amadala to fold, as it means that Star Wars Episode VII is now in the works. Lucas, who donated all of the ridiculous amount of money the sale of his company earned him to charity, has already stated that he will stay on as one of the creative consultants for Star Wars Episode VII which is dated to premier in 2015.

This parody fan video is an amusing musical spoof on some of the classic Disney heroines as they welcome Disney Princess Leia to their sisterhood. The Disney Princesses tell Leia, in perfect harmony, exactly how one goes about being an iconic Disney Princess. Be sure to watch and help welcome Disney Princess Leia to the Disney side of the force!