Emojis have become a common part of communication. We see emoji’s being used in text messages, emails, facebook, twitter, and on all different platforms of social media and communication devices.

There are all different categories and emojis to choose from! And each one can convey a specific emotion someone is feeling. In fact you could even write in just plain emojis, and convey what it is you are trying to!

Before, people would use grammatical symbols to do smiley faces :-) Or sad faces :-( Crying faces :’( and a joking/flirty face ;-)

But now there is no need for that because emojis have all of that and more!

And Emojis are now used for even more than just communicating!

Emojis have become the center focus for inspiring not only conversation, but art. In may cases we are seeing artist and innovators come up with various pieces of work that center around the idea of what Emojis have created! Emojis create expression, art; they convey the full feeling of emotions in ways that were (not so long ago) unforeseen.

Now there is a YouTube short that has received over 800,000 views. “20 Emojis In Real Life” is a short that aims to show how 20 different emojis can be used. The short is mostly improv-style, and very funny! Checkout the video below to see just influential emojis have become!

And apart from movies and art, emojis have influenced trivia and word game apps! The newest one to hit the market is Guess the Emoji! And here you will find all the Guess the Emoji answers and cheats!