If there is one thing I enjoy on the internet, it’s the Bad Lip Reading videos. I find it quite amazing how people can sit and watch movies, music videos, and television shows on mute so that they can read lips and create some magic. In this video they take on the second film of the Twilight saga, as they had done the first film a couple of months ago, New Moon. New Moon is the saddest of the films (spoiler alert: Edward leaves Bella and she turns into a freak that should be committed) but the peeps at Bad Lip Reading have made it a true comedy. For that, I say thank you!

In this installment of Bad Lip Reading we can appreciate the ridiculousness that Kristen Stewart really is. We can also hear the character of Mike become an ex-convict with a Southern accent. Jacob has the runs due to some questionable soul food and Edward forgot to buy Bella a Christmas present because he is “so wasted.” I must say that I would totally buy t-shirts with some of these quotes. My favorites are: “I’m not going to fix your boring rabbit”, “I ran over a gummy bear”, “I’m not good looking. I’m just kidding. Yeah, I am”, “There’s dwarves! Absolutely cute dwarves!”, “Viva la Toothy!”, “You like tweaker Mexican girls and fine dining”, and “You’re a freak, I bet.”

Can’t wait to see the other Twilight movies get the Bad Lip Reading treatment!

By Beth Colon