Election Day is here and gone, so in honor of our new Commander and Chief, lets take a look at some mulch-generational reaction to the election through Teens/Elders React: Election 2012.

If you have never seen a React video, they usually show a certain age demographic, either kids, teenagers, or senior citizens, reacting to something in popular culture or internet culture. This video, Teens/Elders React to the Election 2012, is the first video in which two different age groups are shown reacting to the same cultural event at the same time. The creators of the React videos said they wanted to do a multi-generational React video to capture the pulse of the country at such an important time so that in the future we can look back one day and reflect on the issues that were facing our world.

It is very telling when one compares the reactions of the different generations to each candidates speeches what issues effect each age group. There is a very definite generational divide between the candidates. The Elders reacted far more favorably to Mitt Romney than Barack Obama. The teens had the opposite reactions, preferring Obama to Romney. There was, of course, some overlap, with a few young republicans and a some of the elders leaning toward democrat, but for the most part the generational divide was clear. If you want to see the full extended video with all of the Teens/Elders React goodness, you can check it out here.