Pop/Country darling, Taylor Swift has released another best-selling album, Red, which some fans and crtics are calling “her best album yet.” She was recently seen making the promotional rounds for her album and her first single “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” (what a mouthful!) is getting what I would call an obnoxious amount of airplay since its official release. It’s time for a new song, no? Well, she answered my prayers for her American Music Awards performance this past Sunday and sang her genre-bending pop/dubstep combo “I Knew You Were Trouble” on the stage. This was the starlet’s first time performing the song.

Taylor Swift is known for her dramatic and ambianced performances, so this was not surprising. Her AMA performance incorporated strobe lights and chandeliers in a masquerade ball themed stage and dance routines. Swift came out in a pure-white dress with sparkly and chunky heels and had it ripped off by her dancers halfway through the performance to reveal a red corset and black tulle skirt get-up that I absolutely fell in love with. All in all, the performance was classic Taylor Swift, but had some more sensual and dark elements which go along with the song lyrics. A lot of hair flipping too!

Be on the lookout soon for the official video for the song! Taylor Swift sure is a busy girl. She went straight from the awards show to her video set to rock a pink and blonde wig and some combat boots. Trouble is coming, y’all!

By Beth Colon