Kesha Gets Sexed Up in Die Young

If there is one thing you can count on, it’s pop singer Kesha (or Ke$ha, if you want it stylized) bringing some party tunes to our ears. Sure, she’s wild and wacky, but she definitely loves to party. Her videos usually show that side of her pretty damn well too. Her single, Die Young, is the first(…)

‘The Impossible Breakup’ Video Highlights Worst Relationship Fears

By Pavithra Mohan Some of us may have never experienced a real breakup—that is, a dramatic, tear-infused, cliché-ridden breakup with “but I still love you” and “I just can’t do this anymore” thrown in for good measure. Some of us also only found ourselves in a mildly functional relationship at the age of 22. Some(…)

‘A Real No-Brainer’ Video Questions Existence Of Literal No-Brainers

By Pavithra Mohan The phrase “no-brainer” is all too commonplace, but most people understand that without our brains we’d all be piles of slushy vegetative mush. YouTube educational channel VSauce looks to enlighten us on the inner workings of the mystical human brain, with host Michael pontificating on whether or not the term no-brainer is(…)