After Earth Teams Up Father and Son Again

I never thought I would see the day when Will Smith teamed up with his son, Jaden Smith, after the heart-wrenching film “Pursuit of Happyness”. I have been proved wrong. The father and son duo are back with a Science Fiction thriller, After Earth, to be released next year. The visuals look incredible and the(…)

The Host Trailer Is Out Of This World

So it’s that time of the year. I’m not talking about the time where trees have no more leaves and the wind is much more biting. I’m not even talking about the time where we can spend time with our families and eat tons of turkey until we pass out. I am talking about the(…)

Iron Man 3 Trailer Is All Action and Mystery!

I had not had the opportunity to comment on the first Iron Man 3 trailer that was released last week, but I cannot keep quiet any longer. I’m not a comic book reader or fan, but I can definitely appreciate a superhero themed blockbuster in the summertime. Ever since Robert Downey Jr. has portrayed Tony Stark and his Iron Man personna, this(…)