Teens/Elders React: Election 2012

Election Day is here and gone, so in honor of our new Commander and Chief, lets take a look at some mulch-generational reaction to the election through Teens/Elders React: Election 2012. If you have never seen a React video, they usually show a certain age demographic, either kids, teenagers, or senior citizens, reacting to something(…)

Chris Rock Gives White Voters Important Message

By Pavithra Mohan As we reach the pinnacle of the 2012 presidential campaign, the race is closer than ever. The latest and final CNN/Opinion Research poll has both candidates at an impasse with Romney and Obama tied for 49 percent of likely votes nationwide. The last Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll indicates a smidge less(…)

Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

Can you believe that the General Elections are in two days?! TWO DAYS! Holy crap, after all the back and forth, the actual debating, the scandals, and stupid comments there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. That tunnel ends in two days. Animators for The Simpsons have created a new(…)

Trump Challenges Obama To Produce College Records And Passport

By Pavithra Mohan The man with a toupee hath spoken, again—this time with a prickly commandment for our dear POTUS. Everyone’s favorite talking head stirred the pot (for kicks, as always) earlier this week with his cryptic foreshadowing of a “big announcement” that could sway the upcoming election. Donald Trump delivered the goods on Wednesday(…)