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Miley Cyrus Makes Decisions with Borgore

Miley Cyrus had tweeted recently about her new music video and how wild and different it would be from her other music videos. Turns out that it wasn’t her own music video. She collaborated with Israeli dubstep producer and DJ, Borgore, in his new track called Decisions. This is a great departure from usually pop or rock heavy(…)

Neon Trees Knows that Everybody Talks!

There is no other band that can pump me up instantly like Neon Trees. They are what life is all about, fun jams that lead to fun times. Take it from me, I’ve seen them live and it is impossible for you to listen to them without grooving, moving, jumping, and singing back to them. With a supercool frontman like Tyler(…)

Delta Rae Goes to the Bottom of the River

Undoubtedly, Delta Rae is one of my new favorite bands. Composed of three siblings: Ian, Eric, and Brittany Hölljes, as well as Elizabeth Hopkins, Mike McKee, and Grant Emerson, the folk rock band debuted in 2009 at Duke University in North Carolina, where Ian and Eric coursed their undergrad. What is quite interesting about Delta(…)