Jimmy Kimmel

What’s In The New $7 Cup of Starbucks Coffee?

We all know Starbucks is an overpriced, overhyped bourgeoise haunt at best—though it doesn’t stop us from relishing a salted caramel mocha or peppermint hot chocolate. In this video, Jimmy Kimmel strikes again with an experiment in social psychology: he asks people which of two identical cups of non-premium coffee is Starbuck’s new fix. Hilarity ensues.

Jimmy Kimmel Parodies IPad Mini Advertisement

By Pavithra Mohan “Anyone standing in line for an iPad Mini in New York or New Jersey this week should be punched in the throat. Right? If you have that kind of time, volunteer for something.” Amen, Jimmy Kimmel! Now I’m an Apple aficionado if there ever was one—click here for my ode to Steve(…)

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Youtube Challenge

For the second year in a row, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live has produced immense sadness in children all over America. At least, the children of parents brave enough to take on his yearly Halloween Youtube Challenge. What commenced last year with the “I Ate All Your Candy” stunt to be recorded and sent in to the production(…)

Jimmy Kimmel Asks “Who Won” Before Presidential Debate Airs

By Pavithra Mohan Oh, to be ignorant and entangled in lies on national television. No, you didn’t just click on a recap of the presidential debate—far from it, actually. Jimmy Kimmel and his team found great pleasure in questioning dawdlers on Hollywood Boulevard hours before the second debate began on Tuesday. The pressing question at(…)