Skylar Grey and Eminem Want to Ride

WARNING: Strong language NSFW or School. Bad girl Skylar Grey is not afraid to tell you what’s up. It’s only natural for her to team up with Eminem for the track “C’mon Let Me Ride”. The video shows them critiquing plastic surgery, the hypersexualized image of women, and the gender roles that permeate society. It’s(…)

PrankvsPrank: Black Friday Employee Prank

There’s something about pranks that just make my heart a little bit lighter. I like pranking people, but I don’t like getting pranked–especially when the pranks could be harmful to my health. My favorite pranks involve some lying and a lot of trolling. Trolling is kind of an art. You have to be obnoxious but know when to back(…)

Elders React: Call of Duty Black Ops

The REACT videos have done it again, making a new hit video series that is equal parts cute, funny, and interesting. Welcome to the internet, Elders React. In this video, elders react to the new video game, Call of Duty Black Ops. The moderator shows the elders the trailer for the new video game, as(…)

Liam Neeson Reading Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”

There are very few people in this world who  can match the completely epic awesome-ness that is Liam Neeson. Robert Downey Jr. and Morgan Freeman are some of the few individuals who are on par with Neeson’s epic-ness. So watching Liam Neeson reading Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” may strike some as incongruous. Now, I personally have(…)