Taylor Swift Brings Some Trouble to AMA’s

Pop/Country darling, Taylor Swift has released another best-selling album, Red, which some fans and crtics are calling “her best album yet.” She was recently seen making the promotional rounds for her album and her first single “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” (what a mouthful!) is getting what I would call an obnoxious amount of(…)

The Origin of Dubstep


“The Origin of Dubstep” was posted by the YouTube channel KollektivetTV2 on October 26th. Since being posted the video has received over 47,000 views and a version reposted by the channel EditorsClub already has 50,000 views. “The Origin of Dubstep” has also rose the front page of Reddit Videos. The video, which is actually kind(…)

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Dubstep Commercial

Last Sunday, Old Milwaukee’s YouTube channel (OldMilwaukeeBeer) released a commercial starring Will Ferrell and set to Dubstep. Will Ferrell has appeared in several other Old Milwaukee ads but this bizarre commercial has aired only on TV3 in Sweden. The ad features comedian Will Ferrell shaking an open can of Old Milwaukee, spraying it everywhere, and(…)