Kobe vs Messi: Legends on Board Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has produced a new commercial which has NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and Barcelona soccer club legend Lionel Messi flying in of their comfy-looking airplanes. A young boy encounters both athletes and they try to best each other in balloon animals, playing card structures, and ball tricks to impress the boy. At the ned(…)

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Dubstep Commercial

Last Sunday, Old Milwaukee’s YouTube channel (OldMilwaukeeBeer) released a commercial starring Will Ferrell and set to Dubstep. Will Ferrell has appeared in several other Old Milwaukee ads but this bizarre commercial has aired only on TV3 in Sweden. The ad features comedian Will Ferrell shaking an open can of Old Milwaukee, spraying it everywhere, and(…)

Ragu Commercial Long Day of Childhood – Parent’s Bedroom

Ragu‘s latest commercial in their “Long Day of Childhood” series features a kid who walks into his parent’s bedroom without knocking.  Traumatized by his encounter, the kid clearly needs some good pasta with Ragu to clear his mind. Ragu’s awkwardly hilarious commercial has already received over 1.5 million YouTube views in just two week.  To(…)

Japanese SpongeBob Video – Kids Love Sponge Bobble

This Japanese Spongebob video is pretty funny.  Ah, the days of being entertained by cartoon characters, toys, straws and plastic cups.  These Japanese kids could not be happier, or cracked out and possessed. Whoever produced this 2011 Japanese McDonalds commercial of Sponge Bobble (the way SpongeBob is pronounced in Japan) might have the most patience(…)