If you don’t read web comics or haven’t heard of Looking For Group, this video may just inspire you to start. The video features Richard, one of the main characters from the web comic Looking For Group, singing “Slaughter You World”, a parody of “Part of Your World” from the little mermaid. “Slaughter Your World” manages to be disturbingly hilarious with, you guessed it, lots of slaughter, blood shed and a rather eye popping death toll by the end of the music video.

Richard, the character singing “Slaughter Your World”, is one of the most popular and memorable characters in the web comic Looking For Group written by Ryan Sohmer and drawn by Lar DeSouza. Looking For Group is a fantasy/ adventure web comic that parodies classic fantasy novels and games as much as it honors them. The cast of characters include a happy-go-luck Elven archer and his pet panther, a green sorceress, a scholarly minotaur, and, of course, everyone’s favorite undead warlock, Richard. When they aren’t sininging “Slaughter Your World” in music videos, the gang is having riotous adventures, causing massive amounts of property damage, saving the world (often against their will), and dooming small villages everywhere.

The video is mostly an advertisement for the Looking For Group web comic and other Blind Ferret Entertainment comics. Blind Ferret Entertainment publishes not only Looking For Group, but also several other popular online comics like: Least I Could Do, Gutters, Girls With Slingshots, Goblins, Hijinks Ensue, and Something Positive. If you’re interested in reading more comics form Blind Ferret Entertainment, you can find them at: http://blindferret.com/.