Japan has long been famous for bringing the world some of its most adorable, and weird, innovations. Watch this Neurowear Shippo video and decide if Japan has come up with the next new trend in social media and fashion, or if they’ve just made the world a far stranger place to live in. Maybe it’s both?


Neurowear, a Japanese social media and technology company, creates products that are one part social media, one  part cos-play costume, and one part science fiction. Neurowear’s concept is “Augmented Human Body”, which means they invent fashion gadgets that do just that.   “Shippo” is Neurowear’s newest gadget. It is an anamatronic tail that is controlled by the user’s own brain waves. The tail, which attaches to the user’s waist, wags softly and slowly when the user is relaxed, and hard and fast when the user concentrates.


Shippo by Neurowear is not just cute tail for fashion, it is also part of developing a smartphone app. Neurowear has created what they call a “Neuro Tagging Map”, which uses a smartphone and brain waves to upload your location and mood to the internet. The idea is that users will be able to see what places others have found relaxing or stressful. If the technology works as it is supposed to, it could be the next big thing in social media. So far, Shippo is a proto-type and not for sale yet. But some of Neurowear’s other products, like their NecoMimi neural controlled cat ears, have been making waves at comic and animation conventions, as well as tech conventions. If you’re interested in seeing more of Neurowear’s products, you can check out their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/neurowear.



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