As an artist grows up, so does their music. With different life experiences and shifting perspectives, these changes could be ruinous or they could be the best thing that could happen. This can be seen in chamaleonic and outspoken musician, Pink. Her new single, “Try,” is a rock infused ballad that can leave you gasping. It’s the second single off her new album, “The Truth About Love” and from what I can tell from the track listing and single selections, love is a total pain. Not surprising really.

The video shows Pink and a very hunky male practicing Mutually Assured Destruction–of the romantic relationship kind– in a dilapidated house and a desert while wearing very skimpy clothing and dancing a contemporary dance routine. While it is a beautiful song and artfully crafted video, I’m not sure exactly if the video really matches the lyrics. I can see that it’s a toxic relationship, a fact brought home by the lyrics: “Why do we fall in love so easy?/Even when it’s not right.” However, are you telling me that I should keep “trying” at my abusive relationship, or “try” to get out of it and survive? I’ll make up my mind about this soon, but right now it’s a mystery.

Maybe this is another autobiographical piece. Pink is known for her honest and thought-provoking songwriting. Why not write songs that reflect her somewhat tumultuous relationship with husband, Carey Hart? It would definitely make sense for this song to reflect their relationship. They’ve broken up twice since they met in 2001, the last time being in 2008. Despite their history, Pink and Carey seem to be going strong at the moment and have a child together. It goes to show that they really do “try.”

I predict that this single will surpass the popularity of her first single. After all, with such talent and beauty in one video, Pink tried and succeeded.

FYI: This is the first in a six-part contemporary songs on Billboard series.

By Beth Colon