This video is going to make you think twice about eating that bacon.  Watch this hero pig rescue a drowning baby goat at the zoo.  Who knew pigs were so smart?  I’m saying we need to give more credit to the pigs of the world…

To be honest, this video of a pig rescuing a goat from drowning in a pond was as shocking to me as it was cute.  So I did some research on the intelligence of pigs.  Apparently, a study in the 1990s taught pigs to move cursors on video screens to distinguish between patterns they had seen before and those that they had not seen before.  In fact, pigs learned this handy skill as fast as chimpanzees!  That’s right, pigs are very quick learners…even smarter than your dog!  They can learn their names and respond to them within weeks, along with a bunch of other fun tricks.

So despite the bad reputation pigs have for bad hygiene and gluttony, they are actually highly intelligent animals!  They are easily trained and domesticated.  And you can always count on your smart hero pig to save the baby goat that can’t swim.  Who’s going vegan?

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