The Solar Roadways

Solar powered products have become increasingly more popular over the past few years. With the urge and fight to reduce global warming and reduce our footprint, companies from all over have been creating solar powered products. Although the process will take time to implement in all areas, new solar powered products open up the door(…)

Video Shows Emojis are Used in Real Life

Emojis have become a common part of communication. We see emoji’s being used in text messages, emails, facebook, twitter, and on all different platforms of social media and communication devices. There are all different categories and emojis to choose from! And each one can convey a specific emotion someone is feeling. In fact you could(…)

Titanfall’s Gameplay Trailer is Insane!

Titanfall is the one of the most sought-out games of the 2014 gaming year! Titanfall is the by the co-creator of the Call of Duty franchise! And they are redefining the way people play mulitplayer games! And besides that the game has a lot of speed! It is so fast-paced. The center focus of Titanfall(…)