“The Origin of Dubstep” was posted by the YouTube channel KollektivetTV2 on October 26th. Since being posted the video has received over 47,000 views and a version reposted by the channel EditorsClub already has 50,000 views. “The Origin of Dubstep” has also rose the front page of Reddit Videos. The video, which is actually kind of creepy, depicts a group of patients in a mental institution creating the abrasive sounds of Dubstep with the noises of their everyday craziness. The video ends with a nurse telling the patients to be quiet, after which they launch into a gentle choral version of Amazing Grace.

This video made me wonder what other types of music originated from. Here are a few of my hypotheses:

Origin of Music:

  • Origin of Ke$ha: Someone put a bunch of glitter and crack in a blender and then auto-tuned it.
  • Origin of Screamo: Kevin is in a punk band. One day Kevin’s roommate broke his toe on the coffee table. After hearing the animalistic sounds coming from his roommate’s mouth Kevin thought, “I kind of like it.”
  • Origin of Adam Lambert: Someone stepped on a cat repeatedly.
  • Origin of Jazz: A dyslexic man was given a saxophone and told to try and read some swing sheet music.

By Gena Gephart