The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is well-known for its music parodies due to Fallon’s genuine love of music as well as his exceptional comedic and musical abilities. With well over one million Youtube views  Pharrell Williams and Jimmy Fallon fans alike were treated to the unique musical stylings of “Afro & Deziak” from the 80′s television program “The American Power Hour”. Although the duo and the show are fictitious, the laughs were in the words of a real 80′s musical television forum, “Solid Gold”. 
The video highlighted three of “Afro & Deziak’s” songs “Girl, Let Me Get You in the Mood”, “Girl, Let Me Give You What I Got”, and the final song in the trilogy is “Girl “. Each parody lapses from its aphrodisiac tendencies to request the mundane such as “Girl, can you take my shift at IHOP?  The laughs are non-stop.