I have a confession to make, I like marching bands. Always have, always will. You may be asking yourself, “Why would she like nerdy marching bands?” Let me tell you something, they are AWESOME! Don’t believe me? Well, then sit back and relax because you are about to watch nine minutes of pure talent in this video. Ohio Sta-, wait, I should say The Ohio State University Marching Band created an amazing show and performance last weekend at their football game against Nebraska. WHAT A SHOW!

Ohio State University’s Marching Band put on a video game themed show for the ages. Highlights include Tetris, Mario Brothers, Pac Man, Halo, Zelda, and many more. While their formations were flawless and leave you gaping as a spectator, the really amazing moment was when they carried out a running horse formation so seamlessly that I couldn’t help but shout “Oh my GOD!”, seen here at the six minute mark.

Ohio State University is not a newbie in the Marching Band amazement. With an endowment of 2.2 billion American dollars, you better believe that Ohio State University is getting it! Their sports teams are serious business so their marching band has to live up to that standard as well. If you don’t think they do after watching this video, then you should watch it again. Even if you’re not a gamer, this is definitely an amazing halftime show.

As a student from another Big Ten school, I can assure you that I definitely wish that my school’s marching band were as kickass as the one in Ohio State University.

By Beth Colon