In honor of election day, I give to you an Obama vs Romney rap battle. Election day is here, do its time to cast our votes and decide who will be the next leader of the free world. If you need a little last minute help deciding who has your vote, this epic Obama vs Romney rap battle may help you decide by illustrating each candidate’s credentials in a way that only a rap can, i.e. through pure silliness and satire.

In this video, created by the YouTube channel Epic Rap Battles, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off in a truly epic rap battle laying out why each rapper would make the best Commander and Chief of the United States. The simultaneously incredibly silly and tremendously awesome idea of politicians spitting rhymes to win an elected office makes this video an awesome amount of fun.

Other Epic Rap Battles Of History:

The Obama vs Romney rap battle isn’t the only Epic Rap Battle you can bear witness to via YouTube. The minds at ERB actually have 2 seasons of rap videos on their YouTube Channel. You can witness villainous titans like Hitler and Vader battle it out for rap supremacy alongside bombshells like Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe.

Make sure you check out Epic Rap Battles and don’t forget to cast your vote on election day!