With all of the Star Wars fanboys vehemently protesting Disney’s take over of their favorite Sci-fi franchise, it’s a little hard to remember that there are hardcore Disney fans out there two. Nick Pitera’s one man Disney movie reminds us of all of the awesomeness Disney is capable of in an amazingly harmonious Disney Medley featuring only one fantastically talented singer.

Nick Pitera, the creator and only singer of the one man Disney movie, is a 26 year old vocal artist from Minnesota who first gained internet fame 5 years ago when he sang both parts of “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin and posted the video on YouTube. Pitera demonstrates an incredible vocal range, able to hit the high notes required for the female parts of songs , as well as the lower notes required for the male parts.

Pitera has released several videos of himself, in a Brady Bunch Style grid, singing all of the parts of different famous musicals. The video include “One Man Phantom of the Opera” and “One Man Les Miserables“, ans well as other Disney song’s like the one that got him famous.

Nick Pitera’s one man Disney movie medley stems from a lifetime of watching Disney movies and wishing to voice the characters himself, the singer says. The video pays homage to the favorite characters of Pitera’s youth.