There is no other band that can pump me up instantly like Neon Trees. They are what life is all about, fun jams that lead to fun times. Take it from me, I’ve seen them live and it is impossible for you to listen to them without grooving, moving, jumping, and singing back to them. With a supercool frontman like Tyler Glenn and supercool songs like Animal, Neon Trees was bound to find notoriety in the music circles. The band has been privileged enough to open concerts for The Killers and The Flaming Lips in the past. Their sophomore album, Habits, skyrocketed the band to fame and endorsements, and their new Picture Show, is bound to expand on it.

As the first single of their new album, Everybody Talks, incorporates oldie sounds with the quintissential Neon Trees style. This combination translated to the music video. Seen in an old-fashion drive-in movie theater, the band watches a film of their own rehearsal that has been crashed by monsters. This is happening while their server is tormenting unsuspecting guys, that foolishly thinking they will be hooking up actually get immensely scared by her true monstruous nature. All very captivating and reminiscent to old American horror movies.

The music video was released by Neon Trees this past March, but the song just keeps on giving. They have had to delay the video recording for their second single “Lessons in Love (All Day, All Night)” because their kickass drummer, Elaine Bradley, took maternity leave. That is going to be one rockin’ baby!

FYI: This is part five of a six-part contemporary Billboard Hot 100 songs series.


By Beth Colon