Mom sleepwaking tomato cagesNick Foti captured his mom sleepwalking on video, sleep dancing, and sleep talking about tomato cages!  Tomato cages are frequently recurring dreams, duh.  This hilarious mom is now pissed off after her “special thing” did not open the tomato cages.  She also has some amazing dance moves that apparently only manifest in a sleepwalking state of mind.

We can assume Nick’s mom’s dreams resemble Home & Garden Television meets So You Think You Can Dance?  I am ever grateful for Nick taping this video of his mom sleepwalking and sharing it with the world.  But how do you think his mom felt about her new found fame though?  Check out Nick’s mom’s reaction to the sleepwalking video here.

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Someone should start a video series of people doing hilarious things while sleepwalking.  I see a very lucrative business in this type of comedy.