I know this song is not particularly new and fresh like the previous two songs I blogged about, but it’s EVERYWHERE. That includes the Billboard Hot 100. In fact, it is currently number 1 on the list and the one contender who could overthrow it from the top position is, you guessed it, PSY’s Gangnam Style. Maroon 5 turns out its pop rock vibes for this catchy chart topper. Adam Levine, the lead singer, turns out his fitness level to embody a struggling boxer with a girlfriend/partner/baby mama (she has no ring on her finger), played by Minka Kelly,  and amazingly adorable baby. Here’s the gist. He goes off for another day of arduous training and fighting while she packs up more than half of their apartment and leaves him womanless, babyless, and fishless (yes, she takes the fish). Yup, just your run of the mill story line.

Maroon 5 have successfully switched from alternative rock darlings to members of pop rock mainstream music. Hey, I don’t fault them for it. Every band or artist has to evolve. There’s undeniable talent in this bunch and any day is a good day when Adam Levine is shirtless! I’d give him one more night, but alas, he is famous and I am not.

FYI: This is the third part of a six-part contemporary Billboard Hot 100 songs series.

By Beth Colon