Little girls taking over the world! Well, maybe not the world, but quite a few little girls have been making a splash in the media lately. As a card-carrying former little girl, I can tell you it’s nice to see young girls kicking butt and taking names, as well as providing inspiration for other girls, both old and young, to get off their butts and start being awesome. So who are some of the little girls taking over?

Little Girls Taking Over: Sam Gordon

Sam Gordon is a 9 year-old girl from Salt Lake City, Utah and she is destroying the competition in peewee football. She was the only little girl out 170 kids to try out for the peewee football league in Salt Lake City. This season she has rushed for 1,911 yards, 8.2 yards per carry, and she gotten herself 25 touch downs. Not bad for any 9 year-old, much less the only girl in the league.

Little Girls Taking Over: Zelda as Girl

Mike Hoye, the father of an awesome little girl, decided to give his little girl the chance to play a female hero instead of a male one in the popular video game Zelda. He hacked into the game and input his own script, which changed all of the pronouns for the character Link to female ones. Hoye says he did it so his daughter didn’t grow up thinking girls don’t get to be the hero and rescue their brothers. Way to go Mike!

Little Girls Taking Over: Sophia Bailey Klugh

10 year-old Sophia Bailey Klugh is a brave little girl who, when needing advice, decided to get it from her hero, President Barack Obama. Sophia has two dads, which causes the kids at to bully her. She wrote the President and asked him for advice on what to do about the other kids. Even better, President Obama took the time to write her back and give her some great advice on how to deal with her bullies.

All of these young ladies remind us that little girls, big girls, and even dudes have the power inside themselves to change the wold and inspire others. Way to go girls!