If you haven’t yet seen Kristen Bell’s epic sloth meltdown, today is your lucky day. Before this video Kristen Bell was mostly known for being the adorable blonde girl on Veronica Mars. However, after this episode of Ellen, she is also known for her incredible love of sloths.

The story behind her epic sloth meltdown is that her boyfriend, Dax Shepard, told her he was going to get her a very special present for her 31st birthday. On the day of her birthday Dax told her to go in her room to wait for her surprise. She says when she walked into her bedroom she was immediately overcome and knew that there was a sloth nearby. Now, Kristen Bell is not your average woman, because when she realized this she didn’t quite know how to process it. She claims that if she is not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale, if things are too happy or too sad, she is crying. This turns out to be very true, as we see in the video, because when she realizes that soon she will achieve her lifelong goal of interacting with a sloth, she bursts into tears and has, what can only be deemed, a completely epic sloth meltdown.

The video she shares with the viewers is actually completely charming in that Kristen Bell actually went on the Ellen DeGeneres and intentionally shared this video of her epic sloth meltdown with the viewers. I can’t decide if what happens after shares the video is cruel or kind. Ellen decides to see if Kristen Bell will actually have a Sloth meltdown on the show, so she brings out a sloth. It turns out Kristen was not exaggerating either her love of sloth or her near panic attacks of joy when she is near them. She promptly bursts into tears at the mention of a sloth in the studio.

Take a look at the funny and charming video, and be reminded that celebrities are real people who can have crazy epic meltdowns too.