By Pavithra Mohan

“Anyone standing in line for an iPad Mini in New York or New Jersey this week should be punched in the throat. Right? If you have that kind of time, volunteer for something.” Amen, Jimmy Kimmel!

Now I’m an Apple aficionado if there ever was one—click here for my ode to Steve Jobs and disdain for one of the many iPad Mini parody videos—but Kimmel was spitting the truth on his talk show last Thursday night. Let’s just hope those eager beavers waiting to purchase an iPad Mini were actually looking for an all-mighty flashlight to curb their candle-lit days.

In honor of the iPad Mini’s release on Nov. 2, Kimmel put together this advertisement “documenting” the incremental changes made to the original iPod from year to year. Let’s be real, even those of us who swear by our Apple products recognize the homogeneity that plagues them. The iPad Mini is almost laughable, especially given its steep price—the 16 GB model is a mere $70 cheaper than the “outdated” iPad 2. (Is it wishful thinking to hope for a more reasonable option? Or am I just wallowing in unrealistic frugality?)

Kimmel’s video gave me a laugh because, well, it kind of rings true! Many Apple products—particularly their handheld devices—are indeed only marginally different incarnations and iterations. We really are a bunch of suckers: slaves to technology, guilty as charged.