By Pavithra Mohan

Oh, to be ignorant and entangled in lies on national television. No, you didn’t just click on a recap of the presidential debate—far from it, actually.

Jimmy Kimmel and his team found great pleasure in questioning dawdlers on Hollywood Boulevard hours before the second debate began on Tuesday. The pressing question at hand, evidenced by this video, was “who won last night’s debate?”

The opinion poll had Kimmel viewers (and the rest of us) in splits over the blatant lies people told on camera, from “I think there was booing…it was Romney right?” to “There were so many [highlights], I can’t even tell you”. Then there was the following exchange, a personal favorite: “Were there any questions in particular you liked?” “How they’re going to fix the economy.” The video is particularly funny in hindsight—who wouldn’t cite Romney’s binders full of women and genuine concern for mothers’ housekeeping schedules as priceless debate bytes?

Thank god for the video’s last interviewee: “What presidential debate? They had one last night? Who’s running for president?”

Let’s all hope there were more than a few folks who retorted that the debate was, in fact, in a few hours and that Kimmel’s cronies were a bunch of loonies who likely colonize the underside of rocks.