Movie star and super hottie Jeremy Renner hosted Saturday Night Live this past Saturday and let me just say that he gave us quite the show! The Academy Award nominated actor is not usually known for comedic perfomances, something that can be seen in his action-packed filmography, which includes S.W.A.T, 28 Weeks Later, The Hurt Locker, The Town, Mission Impossible 4, Thor, The Avengers, and The Bourne Legacy. His opening monologue showed off his musical chops, having him play some piano and singing some covers of songs with his own twist. I must say that he has an amazing voice…sigh. During the rest of the show, he was able to show his comedic side with sketches that had him talking like a Californian valley guy, being a disgruntled action star with a terrible co-star, and a very bad and cowardly Hawkeye.

This last sketch is the one that really surprised me, but then again, not really if I think about it. In this parody of The Avengers, Hawkeye’s role is demeaned and belittled by Director Fury’s assistant, the rest of his superhero cohort, and himself. Not going to lie, out of all of the heroes in the film Hawkeye is my favorite so when this came up, I was like “He’s the best! How dare they do that?!” It was definitely a funny bit though. Jason Sudeikis, as Iron Man, called him “Hunger Games” and “Katniss”, something that was definitely perfect for the occasion. Also, seeing Bill Hader as Thor just about made my week.

By Beth Colon