By Pavithra Mohan

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Google only became a household name within the past ten years. For young adults who grew up in the nineties, it’s hard to dredge up fragments of P.G. (“Pre-Googs”) life, particularly when it was marred by the likes of Yahoo and AOL search. “Search engine” was a loose term.

These were dark times, lit up slowly but surely by the beacon that was Google—and eventually Facebook and YouTube and Twitter, all of which have cultivated the lovely phenomenon that is viral videos (and viral everything, really).

Google’s latest video offering uses Street View to give us laypeople a chance to explore the complex data centers that take on all the awkward questions, dubious photos, and NSFW videos that we input into their products. We start in the networking room, moving next to the server floor and then tape library, and ending finally with outdoor cooling towers—you even get to see a disk crusher in action, if that’s what gets you going.

These centers are a Google groupie’s heaven—tech-gasmic, I’d say—and those who want to ogle Google and geek out on every nook and crany of their data centers should check it out on their own, through Street View.