If any of you people out there know me at all, you will know that I am secretly/not so secretly obsessed with anything that involves Ryan Gosling and gangsters. You should have seen my face earlier this year when the first trailer for the Gangster Squad film came out. Something that combines my two obsessions will be a hit in my book. The film, to be released in theaters everywhere on January 2013, has definite star power and a very juicy plot.

The premise of Gangster Squad is this: Josh Brolin is trying to deal with the rampant violence caused by the mafia in 1949 Los Angeles, which is headed by Sean Penn, who plays famed Jewish mob boss Mickey Cohen. Brolin’s character, Sgt. John O’Mara decides to gather about six honest cops in the crooked LAPD to form the Gangster Squad. He tells them that they are not solving cases, but going to war. They kill before being killed and leave their badges at home. Emma Stone is the gal on Penn’s arm and catches the swoon-worthy eyes of Ryan Gosling. This is the second film where they are romantically linked, the first being Crazy, Stupid Love, and by the looks of this trailer, all the “banging” that they were about to do in that film is certainly done in this one.

In an intresting tidbit, Gangster Squad was supposed to have already been released, on September 7 to be precise. However, after the shootings in an Aurora movie theater this past summer, the film had to be pushed back for reshoots because it had contained a pivotal shooting scene set in a theater of moviegoers. Oops!

Let’s just hope that Gangster Squad lives up to the expectations of all of those, like me, who are obsessed with Ryan and the mafia. Cross your fingers!

By Beth Colon