It’s definitely crunch time for the Presidential election next month. Some of Hollywood’s female stars have joined the Obama campaign to persuade voters, especially female voteers, to rock the vote in the November 6th election and support the Democrat incumbent, President Barack Obama. Faces like Beyoncé, Jennifer López, Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Olivia Wilde, Juliana Margulies, Jane Lynch, among others appear in the video speaking about Obama’s platform when it comes to women’s rights and the importance of women in this 2012 election. Obama is described as a “champion” by Eva Longoria and his story of struggle, success, and family is exalted by the stars.

The Obama campaign, just like other campaigns in the past, has used celebrities and their influence on the general American public. It might seem stupid to more high brow and politically aware human beings, but there are many people out there that are not religious followers of news, foreign and domestic policy, or any kind of political event. If you are not so sure or even aware of what is going on, but your favorite film or TV star is supporting a candidate that sounds good to you, then there’s a chance that these kinds of campaign tactics will sway you to vote for the candidate they are supporting.

It’s actually a nice tactic from the Obama campaign, especially since the Republican party is now ”waging a war on women” and want to ”undo years of hard work by feminists and pro-women’s rights movements.”


By Beth Colon