Last week, sexy pop singer Enrique Iglesias released the video for his hit song Finally Found You and let me just say that it is super HOT! The track is the newest single off of the tumultuous album Euphoria Reloaded and features American rapper Sammy Adams.  The album is still in the process of getting a release date since its first single, I Like How it Feels, achieved poor commercial performance.

The music video incorporates the classic video trope of a party/club. I call it classic because it seems like every artist out there has used it or is using it in their videos. The premise of the Enrique Iglesias video is quite simple. Going along with the lyrics, it shows a younger version of him chasing a lovely girl around a park and then shows them grown up in a chase inside a club. What does this chase lead to? Super hot sex, of course. Because when you are Enrique Iglesias, no lady can resist you. While the lady love is still asleep, Enrique gets redressed and leaves. Yup, he definitely “got you,” girl. This might be even more controversial that his 2001 “Escape” video, which had a super hot makeout scene with still-girlfriend Anna Kournikova.

No matter the content, I must admit that this is one of my favorite jams right now.

By Beth Colon