The REACT videos have done it again, making a new hit video series that is equal parts cute, funny, and interesting. Welcome to the internet, Elders React.

In this video, elders react to the new video game, Call of Duty Black Ops. The moderator shows the elders the trailer for the new video game, as well as a few shots of actual game play, and records their reactions and ask questions. It’s quite interesting to see the gender and age divide come through in the elders reactions to the game trailer. By and large, the female elders reacted with disgust toward the game, while most of the male elders thought it looked pretty fun. While this didn’t translate into the men wanting their grand-kids to actually play the game, they were less averse to it than the women.

Elders React: What came before

If you haven’t heard of the REACT videos, in the last few years they have gained a huge internet following on YouTube. They started with Kids React, where they documented the reactions of children to music videos, internet memes, and any other popular videos on YouTube, with often hilarious results. The videos were so popular, Teens react was born. Same concept, but a different segment of the population was being interviewed. The videos show a unique side to popular culture in that we don’t often get to see the discovery of said pop culture. If you would like to see more REACT videos, you can check them out at The Fine Bros Productions channel on YouTube.