The single “Dumb Ways To Die” performed by Tangerine Kitty was posted to YouTube this Wednesday, November 14th and currently has over 200 thousand views. The video, features many cheery little bean-like cartoons meeting their premature ends in a plethora of ways, was made as an ad for Metro encouraging train safety. Tangerine Kitty sings of many “Dumb Ways To Die”, including setting fire to your hair, poking a grizzly bear with a stick, eating old medicine, keeping a rattlesnake as a pet, eating super glue, doing your own electrical work, and selling your kidneys on the Internet.

I think “Dumb Ways To Die” was a pretty rambling commercial for the three train safety tips that came at the very end of the song along with the message, “Be safe around trains. A message from Metro.” However those little animated characters make dying in dumb ways look so CUTE. They’re all colorful and silly. And they do their little dance together even though they’ve all been fatally maimed because their pea brains are completely void of common sense. I want them to be my little bean friends… I should spend less time on the Internet.


By Gena Gephart