Last week, the comedy duo Key & Peele posted the short sketch called “Dueling Hats” to the Comedy Central web page. This concept was first touched on in their early video “Dueling Beards” in which two men in an office setting engage in a competition, each trying to grow more outlandish facial hair than the other. In “Dueling Hats,” Key and Peele critique the strange trend of young men leaving the stickers on their hats. What begins with Key showing up Peele by keeping several stickers and tags on his hat ends with Peele ultimately one-upping his friend by balancing a woman and her sewing machine, actively making his hat, on his head.

I found “Dueling Hats” really amusing. I like the idea of critiquing the bizarre things we find fashionable at different times. Here are a few fashion trends that I think are really weird:

  • Wearing leggings as pants. Some girls can pull it off but I feel totally naked. If I wanted the world to see all the seams in my underwear I would just wear them over my jeans.
  • Meat dresses. Lady Gaga might be the only one who does this actually… Either way it seems unsanitary.
  • Wearing fake glasses. Speaking as someone who walks into posts and stuff when I don’t have my glasses/contacts, I can’t believe it when people wear smudgy plastic lenses that actually hinder their vision. You there, with the 20/20 vision! You don’t know how lucky you are! There are other ways to achieve that hipster nerd look you so desire. Just grow a really sparse mustache and keep a rolled up copy of The Bell Jar in your back pocket.

By Gena Gephart