Sometimes songs just sound better a capella. This past Friday, pop sensation and The Voice judge, Christina Aguilera was joined by the ever funny late night host Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to do a more stripped down version of her hit song “Your Body” before the official show taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Of course, they got creative with it by recording the jam session in Jimmy Fallon’s office and using office supplies like pencils, rulers, staplers, notebooks, paper clips, and even a water jug as instruments. Jimmy Fallon went more high tech and used his iPhone touchpad to create the beat that would accompany the lyrics that Christina Aguilera was belting out.

It definitely looks like a whole lot of fun and Jimmy Fallon even surprised Christina Aguilera by jumping up from his chair and putting some groove in his body, something that caused the songstress to break into a laugh and the audience to go crazy. While Christina Aguilera is not the first artist to do this with Jimmy Fallon, this particular song works out very well with the acapella gimmick.

The song is the first single off of Christina Aguilera’s forthcoming album, Lotus, and has already been getting some airplay. This is the song that I’ll have stuck in my head this week. Thanks, Jimmy Fallon!