Jimmy Kimmel Parodies IPad Mini Advertisement

By Pavithra Mohan “Anyone standing in line for an iPad Mini in New York or New Jersey this week should be punched in the throat. Right? If you have that kind of time, volunteer for something.” Amen, Jimmy Kimmel! Now I’m an Apple aficionado if there ever was one—click here for my ode to Steve(…)

Chris Rock Gives White Voters Important Message


By Pavithra Mohan As we reach the pinnacle of the 2012 presidential campaign, the race is closer than ever. The latest and final CNN/Opinion Research poll has both candidates at an impasse with Romney and Obama tied for 49 percent of likely votes nationwide. The last Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll indicates a smidge less(…)

Bonds, Past And Present, Face Off In 007 Deathmatch

By Pavithra Mohan Some die-hard James Bond fans might be on the verge of wetting themselves in anticipation of the release of “Skyfall” on Nov. 9. To these tortured souls, we present a fabulous mashup of 007 fights through the ages, pitting all six Bonds against each other for a bloody good showdown. James Bond(…)

Henri Le Chat Noir Bemoans Halloween Hoopla

By Pavithra Mohan “None of these costumes are truly scary. No one ever dresses as crippling self-doubt.” Thus Spoke Henri, Le Chat Noir. Our favorite black and white cat with a chronic Francophone complex claims his throne amongst the existential greats with his latest tirade on the absurdity of Halloween’s hallowed traditions. Nietzsche and Sartre would quake(…)

Empty New York City Timelapse Paints Fitting Picture

By Pavithra Mohan As Hurricane-turned-Superstorm Sandy revved up for its ominous descent upon the East Coast, it seemed only fitting to picture the Big Apple without its distinctive hustle and bustle and wonder what it might look like post-evacuation. Some of us got a rather timely made-to-order panorama of the city when Thrash Lab released the(…)