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Al Gore Accuses Denver’s Altitude Of Impacting Obama’s Debate Ability


By Pavithra Mohan In the latest trending political sham, former Vice President Al Gore makes the most brilliant of deductions as to why President Obama was more than a little rusty during last night’s presidential debate. While trying to make sense of Obama’s lackluster performance during Current TV’s post-debate analysis, Gore used his sound judgment(…)

Famous Hollywood Women Join the Obama Campaign

It’s definitely crunch time for the Presidential election next month. Some of Hollywood’s female stars have joined the Obama campaign to persuade voters, especially female voteers, to rock the vote in the November 6th election and support the Democrat incumbent, President Barack Obama. Faces like Beyoncé, Jennifer López, Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Olivia Wilde,(…)

Wisconsin’s WKBT’s Jennifer Livingston Responds to Cyber Bully

Did you all know that October is National Anti-Bullying Month? La Crosse, Wisconsin’s WKTB’s Jennifer Livingston made sure to inform us all when responding to a local man’s e-mail that called her “fat” and a bad role model for American youth, “girls in particular.” In a classy move that could have turned very sour, Jennifer(…)