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Epic Rap Battles of History Does Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

Today the Epic Rap Battles of History crew published another battle to YouTube, this one between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles of History were first posted on Nice Peter’s channel as collaboration with fellow YouTuber EpicLLOYD. When the series went viral the duo created a new channel specifically for the second season(…)

Funny or Die – “How Celebrities Rock the Vote”


Today veteran YouTube channel Funny or Die posted “How Celebrities Rock the Vote with Miley Cyrus, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch.” The video features much more than the three headliners thought. The bevy of democracy promoting celebrities include Tony Hawk, Josh Duhamel, Joel McHale, Darren Criss, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Busy Phillips, Miranda Cosgrove,(…)

Bad Lip Reading Dubs Obama and Romney’s First 2012 Presidential Debate

This Tuesday, October 9th, Bad Lip Reading released its new video “Eye of the Sparrow – A Bad Lip Reading of the First 2012 Presidential Debate.” The editors really went above and beyond this time, manipulating the clips of President Obama, Mitt Romney, and moderator Jim Lehrer to create an almost coherent scene. Unlike in(…)

‘Why Obama Now’ Animated Video Advocates For Obama Re-election

By Pavithra Mohan This new pro-Obama animated short makes a compelling argument for the possibility of Obama’s second term as president, articulated by way of his economic outlook. The video specifically focuses on explaining why “trickle-down economics”, espoused initially by Ronald Reagan and then both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., should hold no weight in(…)