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President Barack Obama Jokes About Trump on Leno

Sometimes you have to take the high road when accusations or silly requests are being made about you. President Barack Obama has enough sense of humor to take the funny road while dealing with the stupidity of multi-millionaire, Donald Trump. Sorry, I guess I should cover my bases and call him a billionaire before he(…)

Preacher Phil Snider Surprises with Speech

The Springfield, MO-based Reverend Doctor Phil Snider gave a surprising speech in front of the Sprinfield City Council, who was having a hearing about a possible bill that would make certain gay rights illegal. He takes an interesting technique, he totally fools us into thinking that he is against gay rights. However, he had a(…)

Jimmy Kimmel Asks “Who Won” Before Presidential Debate Airs

By Pavithra Mohan Oh, to be ignorant and entangled in lies on national television. No, you didn’t just click on a recap of the presidential debate—far from it, actually. Jimmy Kimmel and his team found great pleasure in questioning dawdlers on Hollywood Boulevard hours before the second debate began on Tuesday. The pressing question at(…)

Saturday Night Live Defends Women’s Rights

Where there are politicians and elections, comedy soon follows them. When it comes to political humor, no one does it better or more fearlessly than Saturday Night Live. Granted, comedy is a very trial and error medium of entertainment. What one person finds hilarious, another may think it not worth emoting for. Saturday Night Live(…)