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Interesting Gay Rights Speech: Not What You Were Expecting

This video has a rather interesting take on gay rights. In today’s media, it seems that most bigotry and hate talk comes from church members or people who claim anything different or outside the norm is against God’s will. Considering how vitriolic many of these objectors are, its not surprising that we don’t hear about(…)

Joss Whedon’s Romney Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone is gearing up for the 2012 presidential elections this week, and that means campaign videos are clogging up the air waves and showing up on every TV  channel and website possible. If you’re a little bored of the usual brand of celebrity campaign videos, this campaign spoof by Joss Whedon detailing the Romney Zombie(…)

Trump Challenges Obama To Produce College Records And Passport

By Pavithra Mohan The man with a toupee hath spoken, again—this time with a prickly commandment for our dear POTUS. Everyone’s favorite talking head stirred the pot (for kicks, as always) earlier this week with his cryptic foreshadowing of a “big announcement” that could sway the upcoming election. Donald Trump delivered the goods on Wednesday(…)