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Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends – CollegeHumor

Yesterday, November 12th, the comedy website CollegeHumor released a video entitled “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriend.” CollgeHumor has not uploaded the video to YouTube yet (they usually leave a substantial span of time between uploaded to their website and uploading to YouTube) but I think it is safe to say the video has gone(…)

Mitt Romney and his Concession Call to President Obama

Last week was the General Election in the United States, if you have not been made aware of this, and while some thought that it would bring a new President to the United States of America, it turns out that the incumbent, Democrat Barack Obama won his re-election with 332 electoral college votes, surpassing the minimum 270(…)

Cher & Kathy Griffin – Don’t Let Mitt Romney Turn Back Time On Women

On November 2nd, Actually.org and JCER (The Jewish Council for Education Research) released their video “Don’t Let Mitt Romney Turn Back Time On Women,” starring Cher and Kathy Griffin. In the video exasperated Cher and bouncy Griffin urge voters to cast their votes for President Obama. The video currently has over 800 million views. “Don’t(…)

Chris Rock Gives White Voters Important Message


By Pavithra Mohan As we reach the pinnacle of the 2012 presidential campaign, the race is closer than ever. The latest and final CNN/Opinion Research poll has both candidates at an impasse with Romney and Obama tied for 49 percent of likely votes nationwide. The last Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll indicates a smidge less(…)

Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney


Can you believe that the General Elections are in two days?! TWO DAYS! Holy crap, after all the back and forth, the actual debating, the scandals, and stupid comments there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. That tunnel ends in two days. Animators for The Simpsons have created a new(…)