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Castaway Your Ballot

Host John Oliver’s stellar comedic timing brings forward a sticking point with regard to the unequal voting rights of the citizens and nationals in America’s US territories. HBO’s ever-popular Last Week Tonight’s treatment of the situation in Guam, American Samoa and Puerto Rico delivers an often overlooked fact with great comedy undertones. The video highlights(…)

Little Girls Taking Over!

Little girls taking over the world! Well, maybe not the world, but quite a few little girls have been making a splash in the media lately. As a card-carrying former little girl, I can tell you it’s nice to see young girls kicking butt and taking names, as well as providing inspiration for other girls,(…)

Teens/Elders React: Election 2012

Election Day is here and gone, so in honor of our new Commander and Chief, lets take a look at some mulch-generational reaction to the election through Teens/Elders React: Election 2012. If you have never seen a React video, they usually show a certain age demographic, either kids, teenagers, or senior citizens, reacting to something(…)