Saturday Night Live Spoofs Homeland

Yesterday, the long-running live comedy show Saturday Night Live had Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Anne Hathaway take care of hosting duties. This is the third time that Anne Hathaway hosts Saturday Night Live. She’s pretty spunky and pretty good with impressions, so she took a stab at Claire Danes’ character, Carrie Mathison, from the hit Showtime series Homeland. With(…)

Kesha Gets Sexed Up in Die Young

If there is one thing you can count on, it’s pop singer Kesha (or Ke$ha, if you want it stylized) bringing some party tunes to our ears. Sure, she’s wild and wacky, but she definitely loves to party. Her videos usually show that side of her pretty damn well too. Her single, Die Young, is the first(…)

Miley Cyrus Gets a Lapdance on Ellen!

So if you have been under a rock, you probably do not know that pop singer/starlet Miley Cyrus is getting married. She has not said when, though. She is a very busy girl, with appearences in Two and A Half Men and recording a new album, she is not actually thinking about the wedding planning.(…)

‘New Orleans Beauty Guru’ Brie Lybrand Posts Message To Rapist

By Pavithra Mohan A self-proclaimed “New Orleans Beauty Guru”, actress and makeup expert Brie Lybrand posted an uncharacteristically sobering video on her YouTube channel MyRedSolara last week, proclaiming the following: ”My father, Steven Bressler, molested, tortured, and raped me from the time I was four till I was thirteen years old.” This heartbreaking declaration is delivered(…)